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The three original beers

Carioca bottle



White beer, a traditional Belgian wheat beer, was born in the region of Leuven. Unlikeclassical recipes, Carioca is brewed without coriander in order to preserve the soft citrus perfume of its hops (Amarillo & Cascade).

Métisse bottle



Season beers were brewed in farmhouses in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium, to refresh farm workers during harvest season. Thanks to a subtle mix of English (E. K. Goldings) and American (Cascade) hops, the Métisse can be distinguished by its delicate balance and franc bitterness.

Postiche bottle


Russian Imperial Stout

Brewed in England from the 18th century onwards, this stronger version of the traditional stout was brewed for Empress Catherine II Of Russia's court. The Postiche is a modern version of the style, were flavoured roasted malts come together with the citrus taste of American hops.

Small brewery

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The brewery

Lion à Plume is the unusual name of a belgian brewery created in 2009 by a young passionate man, Julien Gascard. Joined by Stephane Fronzée in 2013, they don't hesitate to think outside the box and upset traditions in order to craft new possibilities for the simple, yet complex product of beer. In the hope of one day owning their own facility, the brewers rent a microbrewery, where they produce their own authentic beers without additives or artificial flavours.

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Brasserie du Lion à Plume SPRL
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